Friday, August 23, 2013

Incompetence compensation

Ballmer’s Pending Departure Only Makes His Mistakes More Obvious
In regular early trading, Microsoft shares were up 7% in to $34.68. Since Ballmer owns some 333 million shares, news of his retirement actually boosted his own net worth by about $1 billion.
Yeah, it's a crazy world we live in where incompetence is rewarded with extreme compensation.  But worse, when the incompetent quit, they get rewarded for that as well.  So, here's proof of my own genius: "I quit."  See?  I didn't get rich.

But this article is about Ballmer's mistakes, which included "his failure to develop a successor, or even a strong cadre of possible successors."  Um, given his own ineptitude, wouldn't that actually be something he did right?  Do stockholders really want an incompetent CEO grooming their own successor?  Why?  So they can have more of the same?  So now we can fully understand why Microsoft (MSFT) is up so much today: Ballmer "screwed up in reverse," as Hawkeye Pierce would have put it.  This kind of thing makes me truly wish people would recognize that I'm quite capable of making mistakes, as much or more so than others, even Ballmer.

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