Friday, January 11, 2013

The new contrarian

Is the Crowd’s Cheery Mood Reason to Fear the Rally’s End?

Yeah, the Fed is kind of ticking me off.  I usually take a contrarian viewpoint when it comes to the market, and I have to say that the last week or so has had me thinking it was nearly time to get out of the market.  But, the Fed is doing a bang-up job manipulating the markets, leaving next to nowhere to invest.  So, even though investor sentiment is almost high enough to make my skin crawl, I'm still betting with the Fed.  After all, according to the article, "$22 billion in new money entered equity mutual funds," and the Fed is kicking in about $85 billion a month into fixed income, so it seems to me there's still some room to grow.  The thing is, the longer this goes on, the worse I think it's going to be at the end.  We'll see though.  In the meantime, I'll just be take the opposite outlook on the market as the Fed has on the economy, and I should be good.

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