Monday, May 6, 2013

That's the news

Analyst starts Harley-Davidson at 'Overweight'

A Morgan Stanley analyst started coverage of Harley-Davidson with an "Overweight" rating on Monday, saying that the motorcycle company has managed to transform its business so that its production matches demand better.
Perhaps, but I'm still not convinced, which is why I said Harley-Davidson was fairly valued, and I'm sticking to that assessment for now.

Buffett says economy on mend, bonds 'terrible' investment 
"Bonds, they're terrible investments now," Buffett said. "That will change at some point, and when it changes, people could lose a lot of money if they're in long-term bonds."

He said stocks, in contrast, are "reasonably priced," though he continues to shy away from sectors such as media, where he cannot reasonably predict who will thrive in the long run.
So, I've been saying this for a while... But, now that Mr. Buffett says it, it's news.  Hmph.  Of course, I'm not sure about the "stocks are reasonably priced" statement.  Some are, and some aren't, and overall, I think stocks are a bit overvalued.  Maybe we just have a difference of opinion over what constitutes "reasonably priced."

Clearwire says Sprint offer best option for minority stockholders

Sprint offered to buy Clearwire in December for $2.2 billion but satellite TV provider Dish Network Corp announced a counterbid of $2.3 billion in January.
I don't really follow any of these stocks, but this line is fascinating.  Apparently, an offer of $2.2 billion is BETTER than an offer of $2.3 billion.  Perhaps someone out there can explain that logic to me, and then cut me a check for the bad $100 million difference.

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